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12:28pm 26/10/2010
Days from Long Ago
Days from long ago
Coming back to me today
Rushing all the thoughts again
It's really is like you used to say
The memories will always come
To remind us of all there was
Years from then, it's still all here
The sadness and the loss

The future was in our grasp
And freedom was in our step
That was when you left this world
Just as life was giving us our breath
So much has changed and gone through
In the time since you've been gone
I will always remember you
With love and memories in my heart
I wish to say good-bye my friend
My only hope is that someday down the road
We will meet again.

In memory of my dear childhood friend Rachel Cignoni RIP August 1997. There are days especially when nostalgic that I still miss her dearly...and as I found all my old writing and poetry...it brought some of that back up...
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Long update post....  
07:32pm 20/08/2009
Woo! Rearranged again, now the bed doesn't cover the vent for heat and ac! My room is much cooler with this going on. Though in the process of moving my heavy furniture, I have aggravated the carpel tunnel in my left wrist. Hard for me to type even...*sighs* Can't find my brace. Have one of the medical dr strength heavy duty I HAVE METAL!! ones and it's not here nor at my parents house. So for now my wrist is wrapped in an ace bandage and makeshift splint.

As of tomorrow when I vacuum I will have powdered my whole room, I was crawling all over the floor today, as it took me sitting on the floor tugging to actually move my bed as the wheels and this carpet don't get along, and I didn't encounter one of the little pests which have been plaguing this house for nearly 2 months now! Progress is happy! Willow has even been trying to sneak in here and isn't minding the floor! Which is a really really good sign! I promised her that tomorrow after I vacuum she'd be allowed back in here.

Hoping to go tubing on Sunday, provided rides can be arranged. I've also realized I haven't seen sonicyakk in nearly 2 weeks. I know what she meant when I was gone for 2 weeks to NYC now. I miss her. Need some girly Lego Batman, Anime or just hang out time.

Dark Elf is hoping he'll get enough packing done so that he can come out here on Saturday, if not he'll be staying home and finishing that up. I've already informed him if he can't come up, I'll miss him lots, but understand. His roommate needs to show the apartment and he's trying to help make it look presentable so she can.

Hopefully tonight I will sleep better, I haven't been able to do much of that this week. Bad dreams or just staring at the ceiling. It mostly happens when Dark Elf isn't here with me. I'm guessing that means I feel safe and comfortable with him. At least I haven't been waking up screaming from the dreams. Just waking up very upset or tired.

As of last weekend Dark Elf and I have passed our half-a-versary! As I've stated before, and probably will many times again. I love him so much. As it goes forward it really does feel like he's my match and my balance. Even right down to his lack of anxiety, it helps me be LESS stressy as we all know how stressy I can be. We just seem to fit. It's very happy!

So many happy things going on right now, but a lot are not my story to tell...so for now I bid you all good even and go back to my movies. Stopping typing is a good idea! :)
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I missed this on June 23rd, but still...yeah...  
02:12pm 17/08/2009
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10:32am 30/07/2009

Happy Birthday dionethoughts

May it be fantastic and happy!
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Because I'm a sucker for this game and well....I really would love a new gaming keyboard or mouse...  
01:55am 24/07/2009
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01:47am 19/05/2009
So holy crap, all of my back pay and my payment for this week all came in tonight!!!! I've written checks for my bills for the house and for May's rent and June's rent! So happy right now! I am shaking with relief...

Only bad thing about all this...I will no longer have my att account at all, they won't turn it back on. Gotta talk to my mother about this...so that perhaps I can keep the phone that I've been using as it's technically my father's.
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05:36pm 17/05/2009
So when I filed today I'll be at least getting the start of my weekly check tomorrow, deposited into my account and my back pay is on it's way! It looks like I'm getting a lump sum at some point soonish...this is such a HUGE relief....I can finally get things started again for school and rent and all my other payments. It means that my landlady won't be starting the process of eviction, which is good.

I am so relieved and hopeful that it'll all fix very soon. I've been pretty on edge these past two weeks.

FI went pretty well. Lots happened, and lots of what happened is going to prove very interesting the next few events. :) I'm pretty excited about the change of events which happened. Though I feel horrible about how frusterated I was last night before bed. I kinda got snippy and shouldn't have. Just didn't have the ability to control it last night as I was over tired and just stressy. It was also fantastic to spend time with friends who I don't get to hang out with often as well as "our family," even though I spend time with them a lot, it's always fun to go and run around in the woods with them and just get away from it all.

Was excellent to spend the times oog with my Dark Elf as usual. I was a bit clingier then usual, also because of the stressy, but soon I should be back to my normal self as the biggest proprietor of my stress is going to be fixed soon.
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Because it needed to be shared...and it's REDICULOUS!  
03:29pm 14/05/2009
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04:10pm 11/05/2009
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03:32pm 05/05/2009
So today after spending copious amounts of time on the phone...

I called the unemployment agency, I couldn't get through to a real person. And their service to see about when you're getting checks has informed me I'm still being processed. It's not so likely that I'll be seeing that money this week. *sigh* Have to re-email the landlady if I don't get informed by Thursday about not having it this week.

Mass Health, I talked to a real person and they're going to send me the paper work to re-open my insurance through them that I used to have. YAY! That was a point in the good direction for the day.

Called the school and have sent up an appointment with the academic advisor for 2pm on Monday. So that I can look into my scheduling of classes and such. I was a bad girl when I was last at HCC and was put on academic probation. This will fix that and wipe the slate clean. Also they're emailing the folks who had the hold on my account so I can fix that as soon as I get moneys, or perhaps I can beg and plead with my mom to let me borrow the money so I can get school rolling.

Also got to talk to my Dark Elf via phone a bit today so far. This always makes me happy and smile. I need to get the moneys before FI so I can actually go and play, or I may end up staffing. Which would kinda suck a bit because I enjoy being a player so much. Ah well. We'll see what happens there.

Tonight is Sonicyakk's modern d20 yay! Not sure about club because I'm not sure I can get in #1 and not sure about getting home afterward. But we shall see.

*sigh* It's already been such a long day.
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